Hello everyone! I'm Detective Bryan, and this is The Roast Game Theory, Case No. 2. And this is the house that is being investigated here. This is 2109 Lafayetteville Road in Rockingham, North Carolina. I remember visiting this house during the time I used to live in Colorado (to be specific, nearly the end of 2009 onto 2010). This was probably just after Christmas of 2009. Well, before. This house I thought was built in 1970; turned out that this house was actually built in 1964. I explained how I identified the child in the previous episode, where I have investigated a country house in Fort Mill, South Carolina. If you want to see that video, the link will be in the description down below.

I found the first name of the child, which is "James." I found the middle name of the child, which is "O'Gill." And finally, I found the last name of the child, which is "Abbey," as in A B B E Y. And the rest of the information is in this photo. As you can see, the full name of the child, the date of birth (February 16th, 1990), and the date of death (IRONICALLY, or coincidentally, November 17th, 1998). The cause of death as always: literally eaten as a Christmas roast after being slaughtered for not believing in Christmas. And the school this child went to before that happened? Washington Street Elementary School. The religion? Christian. The gender? Male. That was the child that was slaughtered and eaten as a Christmas roast in that house.

It smells normally festive in that house because they masked the smell of the blood in the process of, back then, slaughtering the child and gutting of the child. Most houses mask these nasty smells. Some houses don't even try to mask these nasty smells, like the one in Fort Mill, which I investigated in the previous episode. Okay, guys, that will do for this episode of The Roast Game Theory! As, always, I'm your host, Detective Bryan, saying to you...

Case closed!

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